Gastrolux is made at our factory in Denmark where we have been making our cookware for more than six decades now. The factory is located at:

Gastrolux A/S
Industrivej 53
8550 Ryomgaard

We ship your order with UPS Ground from our warehouse in Atlanta, GA. Your order will usually go out same day if received before 2pm EST - else the following business day. Once your order has shipped you will receive a UPS tracking number by email, so you can follow the package until it reaches its destination.

We ship to US addresses only. For shipments to Canada - please visit the Canadian Gastrolux distributor at: www.gastrolux-canada.ca or call: 450-303-1100. Thank you!

All of Gastrolux Cookware's products come in both a standard version and an induction version. The pans look and perform the same. The only difference is that in our induction version pans - a stainless steel plate is casted into the bottom of the pan in order to make it magnetic and work on induction cooktops. 

Standard base works on: gas, electric, ceramic cooktops, etc.

Induction base works on: gas, electric, ceramic, but also on induction cooktops. 

To learn how to best use and care for your Gastrolux cookware - please visit our Use & Care Guide.

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