Testimonials from Professional Chefs

Chef Vagn Nielsen Recommends Gastrolux Cookware"From the moment I got the first Gastrolux skillet in my hand I knew this was of a unique quality. The non-stick formulation is second to none and allows for 100% oil/fat-free cooking. The quality and thickness of the base secures a fantastic heat distribution and retention. The line is a genuine pleasure to work with and it's the easiest to clean up I've ever experienced."
Vagn Nielsen, Executive Corporate Chef
Proof of The Pudding, Atlanta, GA

Royal Danish Embassy Executive Chef Lars Beese Recommends Gastrolux Cookware"I have had the pleasure to cook with Gastrolux Cookware. They are the best non-stick pans I have cooked with in my career as a Professional Chef. Its great design holds heat well and eliminates the need to use oil or butter. Hands down, I highly recommend the Gastrolux non-stick pans!"
Lars Beese, Executive Chef
Royal Danish Embassy, Washington, DC

Gastrolux Cookware Recommended by Chef Martin Meineche"At Meineche's Restaurant we're extremely pleased with the Gastrolux frying pans. The quality, performance and longevity of these pans compared to other pans are impressive! The non-stick coating hasn't worn off even though we scrub and 'abuse' the cookware. Hands down the best pans to prepare fish andpoultry with. Super pans! Only the best recommendations from us!"
Martin Meineche, Chef & Owner
Meineche's Restaurant, Denmark

"I've had the great opportunity to cook with a frying pan from the company Gastrolux. First thing that amazed me was the light weight and the solid base. And then I discovered the non stick perfection! High quality and easy to clean makes me conclude with a genuine recommendation for both professional and home chefs."
Simon Liestøl Idsø, Executive Chef
Royal Norwegian Embassy, Washington, DC